Why 15 men in women’s clothes walked the streets of Mumbai made heads turn and caused a traffic jam?

There have been many protests around the globe where men dressed like women to let the onlookers know clothes and gender do not matter. Women or the manner they dress in are not the only causes for any rapes. Why Loiter? Mumbai, an initiative for women to write and be a part of all important matters in life by  Neha Singh and Devina Kapoor and Why Loiter?, the book by Shilpa Phadke’s team invited men to come and loiter around in women’s clothes in Mumbai. People who were inspired by the book, showed up including 15 men! Men wore makeup and nicely carried off skirts, sarees, suits, dupattas and even accessories, while carrying handbags in their hands. :)

loiter mumbai shot 2

The entire group walked from Prithvi to Juhu beach causing double gazes, people turning around for another look at the men, and traffic jam on the streets.

loiter mumbai shot 4

Straight, bi-sexual, gay or lesbian. It doesn’t matter! A gender can not decide what you should wear.

loiter mumbai shot 5

The documentation, photography and videography of the loiter walk was done by Shawn Lewis of Bombay Film Factory.

loiter mumbai shot 7

People do not really understand that our clothes can not be the only source to gauge how and what we are!

loiter mumbai shot 8

Grabbing eyeballs! People stopped  their cars and looked at the men loitering with the girls on the streets. 

loiter mumbai shot 9


loiter mumbai shot 10

To loiter like this is so much fun and not to forget, meaningful

loiter mumbai shot 11

Everyone is free to walk around in anything one wants to irrespective of the gender.