15 Hollywood actors we wished were born in India

No doubt Bollywood is loaded with some really experienced, talented and original actors. But how we wished, we could see Leonardo and Liam Neeson perform at the award functions or just hanging out on the streets of Bombay (I hope you all know why we like to call it Bombay and not Mumbai!).

Here is a a really hot and sizzling list of Hollywood actors we wished were born in India!

1. Johnny Depp

The conviction and always a new look in almost every movie! How we love Depp.

Johnny DeppSource

2. Robin Williams

The God of goodness and comedy.

robin williamsSource

3. Leonardo Dicaprio

A yummy looker, an awesome actor, a philanthropist and an environmentalist. We don’t care if he earns any Oscars!

leonardo dicaprioSource

4. Liam Neeson

The most gorgeous man ever!

liam neesomnSource

5. George Clooney

The hot and sexy and now married! :/


6. Daniel Craig

The sizzling James Bond.

Daniel CraigSource

7. Hugh Jackman

There is a reason this guy did movies like, Real Steel and the Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman


8. Gerard Butler

We are in love with this ‘Machine Gun Preacher’

gerard butler


9. Robert Pattinson

The cutesy actor with loads of conviction.

Robert Pattinson IMG


10. Jude Law

Some people are lucky to be born pretty, with classy names and acting skills; those people are called Jude Law.


11. Tom Hanks

We loved –  You have got a mail, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips and many more.

tom hanksSource

12. Mark Wahlberg

The hottest ‘Fighter‘ in Hollywood.


13. Benedict Cumberbatch



14. Adam Sandler

An amazing comedian and actor. Caution: Don’t mess with the Adam Zohan Sandler!

adam sandlerSource

15. Hugh Laurie

Watched House MD ? Watch it now to know why he is on our list.

Hugh LaurieSource

Loved our list? Tell us who else you think should be on this list! :D