12 reasons why working in a startup is better than working in an MNC

The creative way of doing quality work with a lot of passion is the best way to describe a startup! What about people with MNC jobs? How easy it is to survive in an MNC? Is the life of an employee in a start up challenging? With minimal designs WittyFeed has tried to bring out some mighty huge differences between a start up and an MNC. A place where what you wear defines how serious you are at your job vs. a place which doesn’t mind even if you wear burlap sack provided you have the right skill and talent. Here are some of the differences which can easily be spotted when comparing the life of a start up employee vs. an MNC employee.

1. Nobody gives a shit about what you wear in a start up as long as your work is good. 

casual wear vs formal wear

2. You do not have to be a delicate darling, you will work only if you like or you are free to sit back at home. No questions will be asked.fuck excuses

3. Start up-  Nobody is going to exercise rank or authority. You are an equal contributor. 

MNC- Well, you have to be careful when you are around your boss. 

no boss

4. Tasks are not delegated. Everyone works towards a goal/project/etc.

task delegation

5. Polos, V-necks, round necks, no necks allowed! Like, we said it doesn’t matter if you suit up or not. 

tshirt vs suit and tie

6. Group discussion can happen anywhere, anytime. No need for sending meeting invites with venues. 

group discussions

7. Celebrations are fun, warm and people do not fake.

how we celebrate

8. Can’t find a chair to sit on? Grab the bean bag or mount the couch. 


9. If you are from a creative agency, you have the liberty to look like a cave man. People mostly find it unusual if someone comes with a neat look.


10. No formal attires required even when you are going to meet a client. You come from a creative agency and that’s how you should look.


11. Many drop outs have created many successful million dollar start ups and business. A degree can never tell if one’s got any talent.


12. No work hours. You can choose to stay late or leave early if the work is done. 

working hours

PS: I have worked in both and I have to confess working in a start up has really made me what I was looking at becoming when I was a teen. I know more than what my fellow MNC friends know and I love that about myself.

Via WittyFeed