12 famous Bollywood dialogues you should definitely use with your friends

We Indians do not have to look far for inspiration. Bollywood does just enough for us with its cool and can’t remember-to-forget sort of dialogues which we love to use while chilling with friends whenever we have the opportunity.

Here are 12 coolest Bollywood movie dialogues you should definitely be using while speaking to your friends.


1. When you know he is good for nothing!


beta tumse na ho paega

2. When you want your friend to brave and manly.


be a man


3. When you know his girlfriend is definitely not in love with him. 


fir katega

4. When you see your friend doing something silly for the girl he loves.


Yeh Saali Zindagi


5. When life plays a joke!




6. When your friend gets f***ed over a matter!


Gangs Of Wasseypur

7. When you try to teach him to stop being a player!


Dil Chahta Hai

8. When your friend is up to something stupid. 


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

9. When you know your friend is getting wasting over his love interest.


Dedh Ishquiya


10. When your friend hasn’t been able to date his childhood love.


tumhara pyaar


11. Fuck all!



12. When you want your friend to get over a stupid break up.


Love Is Just A Bhaste Of Time

If you like us to add one of your favourite dialogues, write to me in the comments section below.