10 ways to prep up your skin and hair for Holi

Tomorrow is Holi and you can’t keep the excitement. Right? All the arrangements must have been made by now. The colours, the water balloons, the special bag of hard colours, the “pichkaris”, the delicious sweets and yummy savouries, and the old bed sheets are out too so you can keep your furniture covered. But! What about your skin and hair? Here are 10 ways to prep your skin and hair up to resist and avoid the harmful effects of colours before playing Holi.

1. Coconut oil

This is the best way to keep colours away from reaching your skin and hair’s inner layers. Just before stepping out to play Holi, apply coconut oil to your face, body and hair. It will be easier to get rid of the colours fast without compromising on a great skin.coconut oil


2. Calamine lotion

If you feel any irritation on your skin, wash with cold water and apply calamine lotion. Do not use a face-wash at this moment. h-lacto-calamine-lotion
3. Fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder
A pack of any of these two will help lighten the colours on your skin.fullers-earth
4. Turmeric powder and milk paste
Make a paste of the two and apply on your skin if you have a sensitive skin. 1153
5. Curd
Do not scrub your skin a lot. Use curd. It lightens the colour and nourishes the skin.curd
6. Mustard Oil
A day before Holi, massage your skin with mustard oil to keep it soft and colour resistant. You can also appply mustard oil to your hair.mustard-oil-for-hair-growth-430x550
7. Sunscreen
It will not only help avoid tanning but will also help keeping the bad effects of colours at bay.sunscreen
8. Water
It is good to keep splashing water to your eyes to give them rest from the colours. Juts don’t rub your eyes. water
9. Gram flour and milk pack
Mix gram flour and milk, make a paste and apply wherever you need the colour to lighten. This will surely help.Homemade-Besan-Face-Packs
10. Cut your nails and apply nail polish
You got to take care of your nails too, right?nail-polish-tmagArticle
If you like to share your own home remedy to fight the harmful effects of colours? Do share them in the comments section.