10 things all foreigners find strange when in India

Travelers love visiting India and those who haven’t do have India on their must-visit-one-day list. Though foreigners keep coming back to India, thanks to our rich culture, heritage, tourist spots, spiritual places and low currency rates, they do find a few things really strange and surprising.

1. Cows and buffaloes on the streets roaming freely

All animals do not have the privilege to live in farms. Most cows and buffaloes are seen wandering around in the streets and markets. No, they are not for sale.  Another thing is it gets stranger when men and women lower their heads and greet the animal.

cow on the street


cows on the road


2. Open urinationpeeing on the street


3. Animal worship

Some shoo away the cows and buffaloes from the streets and some bring cages to trap and kill rats. All of this is too confusing for them.

animal worshipping


praying to rats


4. The food

Foreigners find our food and its ingredients overwhelming. Getting used to all the spicy and too much cooked food is something they find as a challenge.

indian food


5. Street sexual harassment

They never saw it coming. White skinned foreigners get leched at the most in our country than we Indians in their country. eve teasing


6. Absence of concept of personal space

Looking at metro trains stuffed with people with not even a fist’s gap really makes them cringe. Travelers who are new find it a bit too much and they are often seen missing those trains. We have a habit of asking personal questions in good light. If they are asked what their boyfriend or someone in the family did as an icebreaker, they find that we are crossing he line. tourist


7. Indians call every stranger an uncle, an aunty or a brother or sister in law.

We are all a family! :D

delhi travelling


8. Absence of toilet paper

Most of us Indians do not keep toilet paper in our restrooms. Water jets do what is needed for us.no toilet paper


9. Trucks encourage honking

Yes, a few of them find it strange. horn please


10. Rickshaws and bullock-carts

They had seen them a long time ago in books. :)



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