10 food items that tell Lucknow is a super city to indulge in heavy eating

One thing we suggest you do in your life-time is to plan a trip to Lucknow to just relish the tempting, flavourful, aromatic delectables that the city of Nawabs has to offer! We bet, you won’t get over the food you eat there. Many people have shared that they got a sort of high while eating in Lucknow. We guessed, that is due to the many flavours in the food. So without any beating around the bush, let us take you through the many dishes you ‘must’ eat in Lucknow.

1. Biryani 

Biryani is one thing you can’t give a miss in Lucknow. Idris Biryani is famous for the flavourful biryani they prepare. Idris is located at the Chowk. You can also try at Wahid at Chowk too.

idris ki biryani


2. Mughlai at Dastarkhwan

Nothing can beat Dastarkhwan at preparing the awesomely delicious Mughlai food that they do! There are many Dastakhwans in Lucknow but the one you must always go to is the one located in Hazratganj.

PS: Do let us know if you could finish the paratha they serve. :)



3. Tundey Kebab

The ever famous Tundey Kebab at Tundey Kebabi is one thing you would want to get packed before leave Lucknow. Good news is Tundey Kebabi has two branches, one neear Akbari Gate, Chowk and the other at Naaz Cinema Road, Nazirabad near Aminabad. So you could go to both because the menu is slightly different at the one in Aminabad but they both do serve our favourite, Tundey Kebabs.

Tunday kebabi


4. Chana Bhatura 

If you love chana bhaturas, Shri corner at Chowk is your go-to-spot! You would love the incredible spicy taste of chana and the soft authentic bhaturas.

choley bhaturey



5. Paan

There is one special shop called, Malhotra right opposite, SBI Bank, Hazrat Ganj.

paan in lucknow


6. Soda Shikanji

Malhotra pan shop’s another specialty is that they prepare one of the tastiest Soda Shikanji, Located right opposite, SBI Bank, Hazrat Ganj, this is one shop where you will keep seeing the crowd stopping by for glasses pf soda shikanji and paan.

soda shikanji


7. Kulfi

Close to Tundey Kebabi in Aminabad, Prakash Kulfi is one of the best places to eat the creamy, Faluda Kulfi in Lucknow.

prakash ki mashhoor kulfi


8. Chaat

Royal Chaat cafe and King Chat Corner at Hazaratganj are the two really popular places to have chaat in Lucknow. Royal Cafe is mostly famous for  basket chat (tokri chaat), aloo tikki, paani puri, and golgappas.

royal cafe


9. The bakes

Try JJ Bakers at Hazratganj and do not miss to eat and pack some Coconut cookies.

jj bakers


10. For the real sweet gobblers

If you have a sweet tooth, do not forget to get to either of these popular sweet shops, Ritz at Mahanagar for Motichoor Ladoos, Makhan Malai at Chowk, Malai Gilori at Ramashrey Chowk, and Ramasrey at Hazratganj.

motichoor laddoo


Hey epicurean! Do share your favourite spot and what it offers to eat in the comments section. :)