10 fabulous things Rihanna’s famous Met Gala cape looked like to us

Rihanna’s yellow canary Guo Pei robe is one of the most ridiculous things the internet saw this Met Gala. While Rihanna walked like a queen at the annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City, the onlookers were amazed to see her long cape which 3 of her assistants had to hold so she could walk the up the stairs. The most interesting thing about Rihanna’s cape is that it almost reminded us about food in several ways.

1. Mac and cheese


mac and cheese

2. Omelette



3. Egg yolk!


poured egg

4. French fries!


5.  Pizza!


6. Pita Bread 


pita bread

7. Mango slices!



8. Someone just broke an eggs over Rihanna’s head and she decided to wear it to Met Gala. 



9. May be she lifted and an omelette while walking through the pan and covered herself so that she is not spotted naked. 



10. Stale buns and breads


pita bread (2)

A user on Twitter thought she was wearing a yellow condom and tweeted this! :P


Rihanna was not the only one mocked for her outfit. The Sex and City actress, Sarah Jessica Parker too was criticized for wearing an O-T-P large-sized head gear in red.

People made fun of SJP by linking her head gear with everything red, evil and even a fire emojji. Take this as a dessert!

funny or die

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