10 DIY tricks to make the most creative and gorgeous things with your glass jars

Mason and ball jars have become popular on the internet with popular DIY blog writers making cool additions for home d’cor or as a cool storage jar or a bowl or a glass in the kitchen. Because Indian homes are full of similar looking tough glass jars, we thought of sharing some of our favourite mason jar DIY tricks so you can try them out this weekend.  

1. Create a wall garden with goegeous wooden wall art

Bring hose clamps and screw them with the help of a drill or find someone who could do it. Take a nail through one of the holes on the clamp and then drill it wherever you want on the piece of log. Hang the jar on the clamp and add anything you want!

wooden wall art


2. Give a great space in your house a make over with floating tea lights in a jar !

floating candles


3. Edible flower cakes! Yes, you can eat’em.

Bake a cake in the jar, add your favourite edible flower stick. To give a soil like texture on the top, grind some oreo biscuits and sprinkle! 

Flowers jars


4. Hanging jar lanterns, anyone?

Just need a roll of hemp or twine to spread around the neck of the jar and to hang them and candles. Light them whenever you want!

hanging jar lanterns


5. Jar revamped as vase

You need a puffy paint and a green spray paint. Draw whatever you like with puffy paint. Let them dry overnight! The next day spray 4-5 layers of green spray paint. Let one layer dry so you can spray again. When dry, add beautiful flowers.  Voila!

jar revamped as vase


6. Glass jar votive lantern

This one is for sale but it is not too touch to be made. Isn’t? 

mason jar votive lantern


7. Pancake in a jar!

Put some fruits on the bottom of the jar. The add the pancake batter and microwave for a minute for small jars and 90 seconds for the big ones. Once ready, add butter on top and syrup on top. Ta-da!

pancake in a jar


8. Twig vase

Cut dry twigs, stick with glue stick or hot glue and you are done! Looks super cool, isn’t it?

twig vase


9. Create a Snow Globe

Create a Snow Globe


10. Oil lamp

 You need a cotton wick for it. Make a hole on the jars lid. Put cotton wick in the jar and take one of its ends through the hole. Fill 3/4 of the jar with lamp oil. Let it sit for half an hour. Your Oil lamp is ready!

oil lampSource

Share your favourite DIY trick with us or if you have any DIY ideas, do share them with us.