He made a magnificent treehouse for his 7-year-old daughter from the most unimaginable thing

We can never assert the father-daughter bond enough, and we just come across a dad who took it to another level of awesomeness.

A reddit user, captainpsp‘s daughter just turned 7. For her birthday, she wanted a tree house. Now generally, when one says tree house, this is what comes to our mind – 



So basically, one mighty tree and a lot of hard work goes into making a beautiful tree house. For captainpsp, there was one challenge – he didn’t have a strong enough tree to build it into a tree house. 

He had to work with the playset from which he made the treehouse. He had got this old playset from  CL. He had to dismantle it, bring it home and pressure wash. Here are the different shots of the playset – 

playset 1

playset 2

playset 3

The next step was the requirement of wood. He likes cedar and hence chose to go with it.


His daughter can be seen playing around and treating the cedar here. How cute!

daughter with cedar wood

Here’s the sketch of what was to be made –

engineering drawing

Now it seems hard that a full fledged tree house was made from this diagram, but it was. Here’s the passageway to go from the first floor to the second floor.


The storage:


Boarding it up.

boarding it up

The battery. He used a 5000 BTU 120v AC unit.


The work in progress looked like – 

work in progress

He used Plexiglass wherever there were windows.


The emergency door.


He also got an AC fitted which cools pretty well!


This is the tunnel support which is actually super solid.

tunnel support

But then the tunnel didn’t fit for the first time.

doesn't fit at once

It took a good 4-6 hours work to get it fixed.

fixing the tunnel

He also used Plexiglass on the roof so that his daughter could see the stars at night. How very thoughtful of him!


And this is the emergency door on the 2nd floor.

emergency door

And take a deep breath before you see the 90% done treehouse minus the tree!


Interestingly, the only entrance is from their patio through that tunnel! How very creative is that. For now, only padding, carpet and painting remains to finish this masterpiece.

What do you think of this one hell of a creative dad and his masterwork, the treehouse for his princess? Let us know in the comments section below! Also, would you try to do this for your kid?