The responses of kids when asked what they would do if made the PM are highly inspiring

I would have given food and money to the poor and bring them to a level where they become equivalent to the reach. Then, everyone would become equal.

I would have gotten rid of violence and teach all to leave in peace.

I would make shelter home for the beggars and the stray dogs.

Definitely make the snacks less priced!

First of all, I’d issue renewable and eco-friendly power plants. Then start afforestation and organic farming.

One might be confused after reading these wishes. These are the wishes made by young kids, if they were made the Prime Minister of our country. I was deeply moved and it brought a smile on my face. These kids so young, they know how to simplify the problems and are understanding them so well!

Today when Narendra Modi completed one year of his tenureBeingIndian asked a few kids what would they do, if they were made the Prime Minister of India. Here’s what they had to say –