12 hilarious tech problems our parents face regularly!

Our parents and technology seem to have an age long war with each other. No matter how hard our parents try out their hands on the technology, they fail to rub off the title of being ‘Technologically Challenged’.

Here are the funny things that happen when our parents meet Technology!

1. NetBanking Fears
They think transferring money online is the most unsafe thing in the world!

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2. They’ll keep passwords and then forget
Umm.. What was my password. I changed yesterday!” Also, their passwords will be predictable as in most of the cases, it will be their phone numbers!


3. What’s feather touch? They don’t know
They are still not over the Type-Feel phones and would press the keys on touch phones with the same pressure.


4. Once they put on the loudspeaker, they’ll feel they can talk from anywhere
According to them, turning the loudspeaker on makes them free and phone mic will catch their voice from anywhere around the world.

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5. They feel Google is a problem-solving website and not a search engine
Trust me, you can have a good laugh if you happen to get your hands at their Google search history :D


6. It will take you ages to explain to them on the phone how to shut down the computer
Add safely removing the USB to this!


7. They will think putting the Wi-Fi on will consume a lot of electricity…
And you’ll be like- Whaat?!


8. During Skype, you’ll be able to see half their face
They’ll come near the receiver (mic) of and not the front camera!

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9. They don’t know what pop-ups are. They’ll actually think you are watching nude men/women
Suddenly, when nude pop-ups appear, they’ll be like – “Oh, so you watch all this?”


10. And when a pop-up reads – ‘Congratulations, you’ve won 1 Million’, trust me, they’ll take it very seriously!
And they might even end up submitting their confidential details here!

Fat people

 11. They are a huge disaster on the Social Media
Arre, mujhe Twitter par koi follow kyu nai karta?”

dad on fbSource

12. How can I right click when I’m left handed?
Seriously, dad?


Watch this hilarious video of a dad having tech problems!

But no matter what, you find them super cute when they face these problems!

Got any other hilarious encounters your parents had with the technology? Do share in the comments section below!

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