25 times fathers with their kids’ pictures made us go all “aww…”

No matter, how much we think men can’t handle kids, it is truth that a father and his infant can have the most fun time together than anyone else could. And how much we try to ignore or look past a few men on the street, the sight of a man holding his kid’s hand walking on the pedestrian is never ignored. Some men look their best when they are spotted spending time or taking care of their little ‘mini-me’. The bond is beautiful and the sight of it makes us go all “awwwwwwww”. Here are 25 pictures that show all fathers and their kids share the best bond ever.


father like son bike ridingSource

2. father like son contemporary dancingSource

3. father like son in denimsSource

4. father like son using phoneSource

5. father like son beardSource

6. father like son lazingSource

7. father like son cowboySource

8. father like son denimsSource

9. father like son dressing upSource

10. father like son exploringSource

11. father like son fixing the carSource

12. father like son cowboysSource

13. father like son hairSource

14. father like son playing guitarSource

15. father like son walkingSource

16. father like son swimmingSource

17. father like son sleepingSource

18. father like son sleeping 2Source

19. father like son shooting picsSource

20. father like son shaving


21. father like son playing video gamesSource

22. father like son in the navySource

23.father like son style


24. father like son motuhs


25. father like son eyes