The bizarre trend of man bun fedora tells there is no going back

Don’t know if the male fashion is going all bizarre or really hipster.

If you are in fashion industry, you better have a look at this trend. Male fashion has gotten bigger and more accessory-centric! Earlier, except wearing cool hairstyles, men were not really into using many accessories. But with the born of metro-sexual man, who have now turned into rugged, lumber-sexual men, besides sunglasses and baseball caps being their usual go-to-accessories, they will now resort to wearing a bun adorned with a tiny fedora.

male fashion


Yes! This the next big thing. At least for this autumn. Men’s fashion has taken a contemporary hipster route and we are loving it! All the ladies, if your man has long hair and he usually secure his mane in a bun, you should probably start accessorizing his bun up with a cute little hipster fedora. Of course, this is the next big fashion statement we will see coming more from the west but it might take the fashion industry by storm in India.


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