YouTube launches ‘4K Plus’ add-on with offline downloads for $19.99/month

YouTube TV finally kept on its promise and revealed its 4K Plus package today. It was previewed back in February, this year. The 4K Plus package bundles the 4K streaming and offline downloads features with an additional $20 every month on top of the $65 base package. There’s no getting one without the other.

4K Plus will be made available starting today. The total cost for the package will be around $85, which in any case does sound expensive but at least there’s this: customers will receive a free one-month trial — and if you sign up early, 4K Plus will be discounted to $9.99 each month for the first year. Butt eventually users will be shifted to the normal price once the promotion expires.

The highlight of the package is obviously the capability to watch 4K content. Content capable of 4K streaming will feature a new 4K icon as you browse and in the Live tab, while you can also search for “4K.” While watching a video, the option to change the resolution to 4K will be present in the quality selector.

For now, offline downloads will likely be a bigger deal for many customers than 4K streaming. Since there is a scarcity of 4K content with mostly sports channels offering it. As of now, the channel list contains Discovery, ESPN, FOX Sports, FX, Nat Geo, NBC Sports, and Tastemade. YouTube TV is also preparing for the Olympics with new features that will let you quickly jump to specific sports or moments of an event without having to manually scrub through.

This package also lets the users watch the content they recorded to their cloud DVR offline on the Android and iOS apps. This is useful for downloading shows on the go.

“To prevent losing your downloaded videos, be sure to use the YouTube TV app while your device is connected to the internet at least once every 30 days. All downloads expire 9 months after the original video is recorded.”

To sign up, go to the YouTube TV app on mobile or the web and tap your profile image. In Settings > Membership, the 4K Plus tier is listed, while there are also new settings for 4K, Downloads, and Streaming limits.