You’ll never believe what this U.P. based boy invented for all the biking enthusiasts

Ride it!

Agra based engineering student develops the best way all bike riding enthusiasts can have a safer ride. The young inventor, Himanshu Garg has invented a device which can be fitted in your helmet. The device connects with the ignition system in the bike’s engine so the moment the helmet (with the device) is worn by the rider, the ignition starts working. On the other hand, if the helmet is taken off, the bike will stop. The device comes with a micro solar panel to keep it charged. This invention has been made keeping in mind the rising number of bike accidents.

Quite bawled over by the invention, UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has awarded the boy, a cash award of 5 lac rupees and has decided to set up ‘Innovation Fund’ for young talents to showcase their inventions. The government will help such kids to help their country reach greater heights.

This is not the first time Himanshu has been recognized for his invention. He had earlier developed a way through which trains would stop 300 metres away from each other in case they are on the same track to avoid collision an was congratulated by then railway minister Mamta Banerjee.


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