Xiaomi confirms it will not include charger with upcoming Mi 11

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi had mocked Apple when the tech giant removed the charger from the iPhone box. Now, the company is set to do the same for its upcoming flagship smartphone Mi 11 that will be officially launched on 28th December.

This isn’t just a rumor anymore as the company has confirmed this move. The reason behind the decision is similar to what Apple stated — many people already have old chargers on hand, and to become more environment-friendly with less waste and smaller packaging.

Xiaomi Logo

But the reasoning coming from Xioami makes more sense than Apple given that the company has been offering USB Type-C port for many of its smartphones for a few years now and most of the users upgrading will have a charger on-hand.

In the case of Apple, the company recently switched to the USB-C port, and only the iPhone 11 Pro models were offered with a USB-C charger and thus, the majority of the iPhone buyers need to purchase a charger separately.

Nonetheless, this new trend from the smartphone makers cited as environment-friendly is just sugarcoating. Not including a charger with the purchase of the phone will save money for the company and generate more sales of its chargers and many prefer to use official chargers and to take advantage of the faster-charging technology, which keeps advancing with the new iteration,  users need a compatible charger, forcing them to buy a new one.

It isn’t just Xiaomi. Samsung, the world’s leading phone maker, is also expected to do the same with the upcoming Galaxy S21 lineup. The South Korean giant tested the waters by not including earphones with the Note20 series launched earlier this year.