Xiaomi Introduces 200W HyperCharge Wired, 120W Wireless Fast Charging Technologies

Eversince the 15-watt chargers became outdated, there has been fierce competition among the smartphone brands to power up their chargers, giving maximum power output. Xiaomi has been a neck-to-neck competitor in this segment. Today the company introduced its HyperCharge Technology that claims to fully charge a 4,000mAh battery in less than 8 minutes.

Xiaomi took to Twitter to demonstrate their latest fast wired and wireless charging developments. The test was done on a custom build Mi 11 Pro which had a 4000 mAh battery instead of its regular 5000 mAh battery. With the wired charger, supplying 200W, the phone was able to completely charge in under 8 mins whereas with the wireless charger, providing 120W, the phone charged from 0 to 100% by just taking 7 minutes extra, bringing the total charge time to 15 minutes.

The results were more than amazing and the brand has really outdone itself this time. Both of these results qualified as new world records. The 200W HyperCharger required just 44-seconds to get the battery from 0 to 10%, followed by 50% in the next three minutes, and lastly a full 100% charge in only eight minutes. A special timing device was kept alongside the device which showed the fluctuation of the voltage between 15W and 198W. On the wireless test, the phone charged from 0% to 10% in just a minute, followed by 50% in 7 minutes, and then fully charging to 100% in a total time of 15 minutes.

Obviously, don’t anticipate seeing speeds like this on commercial phones any time soon and it’s significant that battery degradation from charging at these high speeds will unquestionably be a major barrier to surpass.