Wouldn’t your blood boil hearing a pervert say “Karlo Jo Karna Hai” when confronted!

What has the world come to?

On 24th March, Angellica Aribam took an Indigo flight to Imphal with her sister who also had her infant along. The flight was to fly from Delhi to Imphal via Guwahati. Angellica began tweeting about a couple of middle aged perverts on the flight who got caught clicking pictures of the air hostess as she bent down to help the passengers.

Were clicking pics of the Air Hostess when she was bending to fix things. They were also ogling incessantly at my sister who was feeding the baby, in a hope to get a glimpse as she was fully covered. Morons.angellica aribam 4

When confronted, the men acted like they did not know how to delete the pictures and began fiddling with their phones. However, the air hostess asserted that she will not leave until the pictures are clicked. Once the matter was closed and the air hostess got all her pictures deleted, the men started acting like nothing big happened and started making jokes with each other.

The saddest thing about these perverts is their horrible attitude

angellica aribam 2

Later, the perverts started to ogle at Angellica’s sister covered in shawl while she breastfed her baby. Seeing that the perverts did not turn their faces when looks at, Angellica stood up to confront the men who reacted like the women around weren’t powerful enough and couldn’t do much about the scene.

Angellica began clicking their pictures and tweeting to let the people as well as Indigo Airlines know about the perverts on the flight.

The men stopped ogling at her sister once Angellica started to click their pictures. 

angellica aribam 3

Indigo took a swift action. But when the flight reached Imphal the perverts had already de-boarded the flight at Guwahati.

angellica aribam 1

Officials at Indigo are internally inquiring the disturbing incident. It is high-time perverts started to take women respectfully. A lot many incidents of perverts acting like it is not much of a big deal to get confronted by women for their shameful acts are being reported daily. Thankfully, powerful women have started to take the matter in their hands. More power to you, Angellica!