Masaan actor Vicky Kaushal’s message for World Suicide Prevention Day is worth your time

Depression is something that could hit anyone. It has got nothing to do with a person’s age, gender, occupation, popularity, or any other aspect, whatsoever. More than often, we come across cases of suicide. We tend to ignore the news thinking that the person wasn’t strong enough to face the problems.

The lead actor of Masaan, Vicky Kaushal got together with Bindaas Republic and is urging everyone to pay attention to your closed ones, if they show any signs of depression. He wants us to listen to them. If the people who committed suicides had someone to talk to, they might not have done that.

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The video description reads,

A 14-year old boy recently committed suicide on his birthday. While we will never know what really drove him to this extreme step, this World Suicide Prevention Day, the lead actor of Masaan Vicky Kaushal urges you to take a step back, pause and LISTEN. Listen for the signs, listen for a depressed cousin, an unusually low colleague or a friend who’s acting overtly dramatic. You may just be able to save a precious life in the process by being sensitive to the world around.

The realization that one suicide in any nook or cranny of the world is a failure of the whole social mechanism is the first step towards suicide prevention. Vicky Kaushal seeks resolve from people to take responsibility and reach out to those in despair with no preaching whatsoever but only dedicated ears. Somebody might just want to be heard and this is the least we can do before it’s too late.

Here’s the full video. Share, if you care for someone.