Woman fakes her own death to avoid a man she met online. Hilarious!

What do you do to avoid meeting a guy after a bad date? Of course, after your close friends, the internet is flooded with many ways to read to avoid meeting a bad date again of course, without hurting their feelings or scaring their lives. Though many of us would think before coming up with any excuse, Ann Gray won’t. After having had two bad dates, Ann thought it is time to tell the guy she met online that it is time to go their own ways. Before she could tell him anything the guy messaged that he is dropping by her house. To avoid him Ann sent thought of something fast and effective. Stay with us and read on to know her story.

She thought she got the situation in her hands with this simple text!

faking her own death

He still didn’t get it! #Fail

faking her own death 2

He should have probably gone back home by now but …

faking her own death 3

He is still there!

faking her own death 4

I guess, she probably got really pissed with his messages to see her. :P

faking her own death 5

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