This woman gives upper body strength a new definition; we bet, you will watch her on repeat!

Meet Marisa, the woman with tremendous upper body strength! When you will see her doing those pull ups gloriously, choreographed for the music, (yes, choreographed, dude!) and that too in slow motion, we tell you you will be jaw-dropped surprised as we were when we first saw her doing the power packed push ups ‘musicana’.

Not every man/woman can do them the way this damsel does for they require really strong upper body strength. But when we see her, we feel that she does them like one spreads melted butter on a slice of toasted bread.

Marisa pull ups gif

Isn’t it? Watch her do those magical moves and stay surprised for the entire. *WARNING- She will make you feel guilty for skipping the gym ‘each day.’


Feel like watching her on repeat? Yes, we know! But, first go ahead and share it with your lazy friends from the ‘let’s-skip-the-gym-club’! :)



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