Widow in Bihar gets her job back after District Magistrate eats meal cooked by her to overcome superstitions

At times, one has to take a step that could be hard and be against the beliefs of masses to prove the right thing. A similar stand has been taken Gopalganj district magistrate (DM) Rahul Kumar on Thursday.

IBN Live reported that a widow was barred by villagers from cooking midday meals for students at a government school in Bihar’s Gopalgunj district. Not only did the residents protest against preparation of midday meal by the widow, but had even forced the school to be closed since Wednesday last.

The widow, who has two minor children, had approached Gopalganj district magistrate (DM) Rahul Kumar on Thursday. She was among six women engaged in cooking food for children in the school under midday meal scheme and was paid Rs 1000 per month as her salary. Following the DM’s intervention, the villagers withdrew their protest and the locks were removed from the school on Friday. Kumar said,

I along with district education officer visited the school today and ate the midday meal prepared by the lady for students.

The DM said the woman had resumed her duties in the school and he had asked officials to see why the villagers stopped her from cooking food.

To overcome their beliefs, he sat with the widow and ate meals cooked by her.

Such are the leaders our nation needs.