You’ll be amazed to see why Starbucks never spelled your name correctly!

Starbucks, the famous coffee joint is always in talks for spelling its customers’ name incorrectly on their daily cups of coffee. Many people update about the same on their social media properties, a lot of them even tweet their wrongly spelled names on the cup – as if it made any difference. This is just to show off how Starbucks made such a silly mistake.

starbucks spoof

I recommend you to watch this video which explains you exactly why this mistake is recurring, and how these misspells are the best part of a barista’s job. But the best part in this is, they never misspell an Indian name.

Watch this amazing video by Paul Gale Comedy and calm yourself down as to why Starbucks won’t ever spell your name correctly!

Next time you are at any Starbucks, don’t forget to see the happiness on the barista’s face when he or she spells out your name wrong!