Why did PM Modi salute and send a thank you tweet to these two girls?

After making headlines for a few months, PM Narendra Modi’s Clean India Mission or Swach Bharat Abhiyan got slightly forgotten but not until now. Two young girls, Temsutula Imsong and Darshika Shah, who are a part of Sakaar, an NGO which aims at addressing issues at rural areas, took up the entire challenge of cleaning up the ghats in Varanasi and succeeded in flying colours without any help from any celebrities. PM Narendra Modi is thankful to the girls for bringing a big and much needed change in Varanasi. PM tweeted to the two thanking them for vast contribution. modi tweet

Cleaning Shool Tankeshwar Ghat for two years, Temsutula and Darshika when took a boat ride along the Ganga, they could not bear the stench that came from Prabhu Ghat. At that moment, the two decided to have a look at the ghat and what they saw was deplorable. temsutula

The ghat had excreta strewn all over the place and the two wanted to throw up. They found nothing holy! Later that day, the two got together to take up the task of cleaning up Prabhu Ghat keeping in mind Modi’s Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

The duo was refused any help from the officials and so the two contributed for the funds and had  INR 10000 to give Prabhu Ghat a pristine makeover. #Mission Prabhughat was also launched on social media. #MissionPrabhughat tag reached more than 29 lac unique accounts on social media, with more than one crore impressions.

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Many people joined.  People from the ghat too joined the girls and helped clean up the ghat. Within a few days the ghat was clean. The kids who played at the ghat also joined by chasing anyone who came to urinate at the ghat and said,  “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan ke liye aaye hain!” In just two weeks, the girls not only left the ghat clean but also managed to educate the locals. Right now, anyone who litters the ghat gets the task of cleaning up the mess to leave an example of keeping public and religious places clean. :)



It is a reminder for every citizen that one does not need to be a big name to change any lives or need a lot of money to make things happen. It is only your desire to give and will to make a change that counts.

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