This 8-year-old kid wants you to stop acting your age and you’ll be amazed to realize that you’ll agree

I have read a lot of articles on people change with age and how it is kind of mandatory to do so. People grow old and it is natural. But does the kid inside each of us really dies? I guess not. Most of us become kids when we see a chocolates, or air bubbles or water guns or whatever it may be that fascinates us!

This little kid called Sahib in this video by EmotionalFulls is insisting all to behave like your actual age. Why? You need to watch this video to find out and you’ll realize that the kid does have a point. Some of the things which he said were –

Go hug your mom.
Start behaving like your actual age, not your physical age.
Keep aside your ego and call up an old friends.
Make an excuse and bunk office tomorrow!
The world will treat you the way you want.