What this Delhi kid did who aspires to open a restaurant will inspire you like nothing else!

Do what you love and share your passion to inspire who can’t!

Eatlo  is a community on Facebook where foodies from Delhi & NCR,  Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata share their eating experiences, stories, restaurant stories, reviews, recipes and ask questions important to the ones who eat, sleep and pray food. Today, while we were busy soothing our stomachs and souls as we scrolled through delicious posts on their Delhi and NCR group, we stumbled upon an inspiring story where Delhi kids became the best example of the saying, ‘where there is a will there is a way’. A bunch of creative school kids have set up a small street side joint at Under Hill Road, Civil Lines. They call this little joint, Matador Cafe. The kids have done a great job at setting up their cafe as it is well equipped with a gas stove for cooking and heating, blackboard menu, dustbins and music to keep the guests in-line entertained.

Anuradha Gupta, one of the group members who shared this amazing story, assumes the kids do this every week at the end of term holidays.


When she spoke to the kids she found out that they are all a part of one family. They set up this cafe every year because one of the girl’s loves to cook and dreams of opening a restaurant when she grows up.


The kids sell maggi, pesto sandwiches and homemade muffins along with a few drinks (sharbat).


Here’s their blackboard menu with the yummy delights offered at Matador Cafe.


And here, we introduce to you the chef in making!


The kids are not alone on the street. Their sweet mothers sit on the footpath near the cafe to make sure the kids do not have any difficulties.

Their beautiful stint not only inspires our dying desires to make big but also tells that there is no age to begin working on your dreams and to hell with them haters and stoppers.

Meet the contributor of this gorgeous story- Anuradha Gupta!

anuradha gupta