Wedding photographer asks couples to relax between shoots, takes more photos!

Many people, including myself, believe that the best shots are the ones where your subject isn’t posing. A Redditor,  SoulcrateSucka shared pictures of his wedding projects. He has an amazing trick which helps him get the best shots of his clients. Here’s what he does:

I love telling my clients they can relax in between photos… and then taking more photos.

Wes Eisenhauer is a destination wedding photographer based out of Sioux Falls, S.D. Have a look at some of the amazing shots he has taken, by using his trick:

1. The reflection below makes it all the more beautiful.

wedding photographer (1)

2. Love how she’s guiding him through the woods ;)

wedding photographer (2)

3. The reactions of the people sitting around are priceless!

wedding photographer (3)

4. Wow!

wedding photographer (4)

5. The picture is all the more beautiful as it is in Black and White.

wedding photographer (5)

6. The surroundings makes it a perfect snap.

wedding photographer (6)

7. Love the way he’s seeing her!

wedding photographer (7)

8. My favorite!

wedding photographer (8)

9. Absolutely flawless.

wedding photographer (9)

10. Beautiful!

wedding photographer (10)

Adorable, right? You can see more of his work by visiting his website Wes Eisenhauer Photography. This is one hell of a trick more wedding photographers should be using ;)