15 ways how every brother shares his love with his sister!

To have a brother is a beautiful thing but it is always difficult to understand their feelings for they show their love and care for you in ways you will never imagine. Here  are cute and irritating 15 things all protective brothers do for their sisters.

1. **Death stare** to all the guys who look at you!

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2. A back ground check for the guy you are about to or are dating!

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3. It is their prime duty to keep nasty and creepy boys steer away from you.

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4 . If you both are in the same school, your brother will let all older boys know you to keep you safe and alive.

This means you will always be around the cool dudes of school. ;)

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5. People will be scared to mess with you because –“Iska Bhai School Ka Senior Hai, Bhai Pitega, Isye Choddh De”.

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6. Your brother will ensure you know what is good and bad for you. You will get daily updates about girls and boys from your school.


7. You might just get lucky with drinking, your brother might hand you your first beer or smoke! :)

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8. Your brother will do your homework for you and have you have a great time watching TV with him.

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9. Brothers love to share their cool habits with their sisters so you will always be lucky to find interesting books to read and cool music to listen to.


10. They wont take you to the party with them because they love you and they want to protect you from other boys but they hate you when you argue about not taking you along. So they have a love-hate relationship with you. 

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11. He will take care of the boys who break your heart.

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12. He will protect you always!

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13. They will ensure you get what is yours!

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14. Even after saying no, they will still perform in the dance competition with and will give their best in it.

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15. He will get scared to know you are going on a date.

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Want to share any other ways in which brothers share their love with their sisters? Let’s talk, in the comments section below!

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