Watch Kenny Sebastian explain how it is to celebrate Christmas in India

We have a question for you? What really contributed to your knowledge about Christmas? This question is for the non- Christian fellows. Movies! Especially, the Hollywood movies. Damn right! From green and red wreaths to the Christmas tree to Frostie-the snowman, to hanging stocking in the house to Santa clause to Rudolf the red nose reindeer. But, is it really the name same in India? Let Kenny, the good boy tell you what’s the real scene of Christmas in India!

Christmas is a just like any other festival

it is pretty normal

Most people don’t have a Christmas Tree!

most cases

The best gift is money and it is not hidden under the tree because in most house there is no tree.

The best thing to do is give money

There is nothing like Secret Santa. The concept was started in school/colleges so that the students could get gifts from their school crush! :/

the most annoying thing about christmas

Midnight mass is a must, but it is too long and boring and you never see a good looking girl/boy around.

mid night mass

There is no information about how Santa came into the picture!

santa why

To find out if people still had questions about Christmas, Christian boy, Kenny went ahead and invited people to ask any questions about celebrating Christmas in India. The result!

weird questions

Watch the entire to know about these weird questions and more!