Wake Up From Your Breakup: #SentiSanjay has some ultimate break-up advice for you

Sanjay Manaktala from the popular YouTube channel Sanjaycomedy is back with a new video. The comedian got a little too deep and emotional during his vacation in Thailand and decided about one thing that impacts everyone’s life- Break ups! He decided to give three important advice on how to deal with a breakup. And he promises to not to say all the cliched stuff like, be happy that it is over sorts! So here’s #SentiSanjay for you.

Advice # 1 

It is all right to be sad about it. But do not complain. 

be sad that it is over

Advice # 2

There is a new improved version of you. You have learnt about relationships, fights and communication.

new version of you 2.0

Advice # 3

It is important to realise what you don’t want in a person.

cross off things

Think you need to listen to Sanjay talking about how to handle breakups? Watch this video.

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