This hilarious spoof of Virat Kohli shows what would happen if he stopped abusing

Getting straight to the point, we all know how dear swearing is, to Virat Kohli. He’s one of the best batsmen India has had and those of us who love him, know it well that he swears a lot on the field.

PuraniDiliTalkies decided to do a spoof on him and Anushka Sharma, based on the pathetic incident when she was blamed for his bad performance in the World Cup 2015.

Meet Veerat Kohli. We know how he loves PDA.

Veerat spoof (1)

This is Anuchashka Sharma. Her reaction when Veerat made just one run in the World Cup match –

Veerat spoof (2)

And the rest is the history.

Veerat spoof (3)

This was disgusting and  unexpected.

Veerat spoof (4)

And then, this happened.

Veerat spoof (5)

Anuchashka Sharma decided to take him to the doctors and they decided to undertake a therapy for him. The basic requirement was – Veerat had to begin swearing again.Veerat spoof (6)

But none of it seemed to work.

Veerat spoof (7)

None of the treatments could really make him swear…

Veerat spoof (8)

And finally on the judgement day, something completely unexpected happened…

Veerat spoof (9)

Here’s the complete spoof video. We must say, the actors have done a fine job here, especially, the girl playing Anuchashka Sharma and the nurse as well. Kudos, team PuraniDiliTalkies!