These people are questioning everything Indian politicians have been forcing us to do and they are right to do so

We grew up being told what to eat, what to wear and what to do by our parents. As grew older we made our own choices on the basis of our conditioning. We were told we were free to make our choices considering we had grown up into mature adults. But are we really free? Do we get a fair treatment and justice?

Vipra Dialogues- 3 crore cases

Do we feel safe in our own country?

Vipra Dialogues- unsafe in my own country

Why is marriage a license for two people in love to be able to live together and be accepted by the society?

Vipra Dialogues- marriage

Why is everyone not free to choose what they like to eat? Why has beef been banned in some states?

Vipra Dialogues- beef

Why our mouths always forced to shut up by our politicians  when we question them? They come into power because of us and we are the ones who subdued to their might. Why?

Vipra Dialogues- shut up

Popular YouTube channel, Vipra Dialogues questions everything Indian politicians have been dictating us to do. Watch this moving video here.

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