These kids had never been to a school picnic; see what happened when their wish got granted

There are so many families who can not support their children’s education for them free schools are a blessing. But how easy it is for these free schools to function? Not very easy.

wish come true

Besides providing free supplies and free education, these schools frequently need support from the society.

i want to become an engineer

The under privileged kids in these schools always wish to go out, eat the food they have not ever tasted and have a good time with their school mates like every other school.

Varun Pruthi decided to visit a free school to grant this wish of around 200 students . He hired a few buses to take the kids out for a picnic and then took them out for a great meal.

kids jumping

The smile on the faces of the kids went from ear to ear.

making the wish come tru

They all looked happy and excited to be out of their common surroundings. If you think you can make a difference and want to support your community, do pay a visit to a nearby school for underprivileged kids, see how they function, donate money, if you can or just interact with the kids, that is the least one can do. Watching this video will inspire you to give back to your community and make a few unfulfilled wishes come true.