15 ultimate practical gifting ideas for the Valentine’s Day

Where Valentine’s Day is just a day away, majority of people are going through a crisis – what to gift! Yes, the gifting woes for the Valentine’s Day are just unbearable. One could claim to know his/her partner a lot, but when it comes to gifting, it could be a pain!

So worry not, we have managed to list down some really useful Valentine’s Day gifts which your significant other would actually love to have, because Valentine’s Day is not just about chocolates, flowers, cakes and teddies!


1. Handbags for her

Now there are varied options around this, that girls may or may not like them, but a majority of girls like handbags and would love to have one as a gift!

handbags for herSource


2. Watches for guys

A classy yet handsome watch for him would be something that he’ll be using everyday! What else could you ask for, rather than he using your gift daily and adoring it?

watches for menSource


3. Any beer related gifts

Because that’s for sure that he loves beer more than any other drinks! Be it a beer opening glass, a beer brewing kit or even a DIY bottling kit – he’s bound to love it!

beer glassesSource


4. Trimmers

Beard lover or not – he surely will use trimmers because obviously, duh!



5. Smart watches

Men and women – both can make the most of this tremendously user friendly gadget. It is so easy and so useful at the same time, it has to be one of the best gifts you could give anyone!



6. Power banks

Given the limited battery lives of our gadgets, one must, but possess a power bank to survive the dying battery woes! This one proves to be a boon, seriously. Both men and women would love to have this



7. Headphones

Good music won’t do harm to anyone! There couldn’t be anyone who hates music! So what better than a fantastic pair of headphones?



8. A t-shirt of their favorite music band

Talking about music, your partner is bound to have a favorite band. Surprise him/her with a t-shirt with their favorite music band printed on it.




9. A matte finished Red lipstick

Trust us, she will love it. Just buy it, no second thoughts!

red lipstickSource


10. A packable hammock

Go for the dual one, which you both could use together ;)



11. Jewelry – earrings

They may deny, but women love it. Go for a delicate, beautiful pair.

Delicate EarringsSource


12. A creative note pad

I had received this as a gift and since I love both chocolates and writing, I loved the gift. Even if the person doesn’t love writing, a notepad to note down critical things always comes in handy!

chocolate notepadsSource


13. Bean bags

Bean bags. Period. This one doesn’t even need an explanation!

bean bagsSource


14. Coffee maker

If your partner happens to be living alone, a coffee maker would prove to be a boon. Everyone loves coffee!



15. Kindle

This one goes out for the people who love to read. Although nothing can beat the paper back books, a Kindle would be loved by your partner if he/she is a voracious reader.



If you haven’t already found the perfect gift for your partner, use any of these. Now that we have online shopping which is so easy, the perfect gift is just a click away.

Happy shopping and Happy Valentine’s Day :)