Here’s the ultimate rap by Anu aunty which every non doctor/engineer should listen to

The good people at The Enthu Cutlets have come up with the ultimate rap which our generation listens to everyday, knowingly or unknowingly!

There’s that Anu aunty of the neighborhood who has problems with everything that we do. “Log kya kahenge?” – the phrase that has changed a lot of lives is used in the video a lot and trust me, you’ll love it.

Well, before you scroll any further, you got to know –

Anu aunty

Some of the ridiculously hilarious things Anu aunty says are:

Anu aunty 2


Anu aunty 3

Oh yes, they are.

Anu aunty 4

There. She said it.

Anu aunty 5

The problem with our generation.

Anu aunty 6

23 pe job, 25 pe shaadi and 27 pe bacche. Life set hai tumhaari.

Anu aunty 7

Here. go for it. Spoilers – this is going to be on repeat for a while for you.