15 types of students you would find in every class

Generations comes and go. Tiny tots become kids, kids become students, students become teenager students and then they become adults, then they move on. During these transformations, a student undergoes a number of changes mentally as well as on hormonal level. But some traits remain unchanged and those are well noticed by their teachers, tutors, professors and guides! And they are completely unaware of these. Let me introduce you to some common species of students.

1.The Late Lateef

No matter how late the class is or early, this breed never comes to class on time. Coming on time is a sin for them.


2.The Day Dreamer

Facing the board, or the wall, or the floor or gazing at the teacher, whatever! They have the ability to adapt themselves in the voluble classroom and still – dream!


3.The Excuse Monger

Indigestible and completely unreliable excuses are the qualities of this species of students. They are romance experts. Fictional yet carrying away excuses are instant, as if they just ordered it. Here are some of the funniest!

For undone homework:


For being late:


For “I did’t do it”:



4.The Over-doer

This female progeny is dodgy at the same time notorious. Without any reason asking umpteen questions ‘in the class’ irrelevant to the topic taught is what she is an expertise in, just to gain unwanted attention. She tries to look the best and results into overtly overdoing things!

Overdoing_student_amanda_easy ASource

5.The Fattu

The category of students who are scared and re-think a thousand times before a smallest test, a silliest debate, or even conducting the easiest experiment.


6.The All-Rounder; Failure

Yes, academically ultra weak students of this type are thriving all-rounders in every other activity. Football, basketball, dancing, playing instruments, singing, photography etc. are what they think are their oxygen and books their toxin.



7.The All-Rounder; Scholar

This type is an antonym for the former category. This person strikes a goal, converts a shot, sings, dances and even manages activities well along with being the rank holder of the class. He is a favorite everywhere.


8.The Detainers

This genre of guys generally are found to be bunking classes. Teachers generally don’t have to face them in the classroom. ;)


9.The Tomboys

Girls, who are funky, cool at the the same time overflowing attitude gets total attention from everyone. Guys aren’t really attracted to them and they don’t fucking give a damn about that! In studies they are above average sorts.



10.The Geek

He/she will be least bothered about any human around except the teacher. Their lives revolve, rotate, and vibrate around books and only books. They are obedient yet introvert types. They know the answers but won’t spill them out, they score well, and they are successful, but won’t party for that.


11.The Crushed

These special kind of students are obedient, attend all your lectures; only keep your notes complete, and ask you a lot of doubts! Adore you. Respect you more of all other teachers. Consider you the true mentor. Enact you.



12.The Cudder

There is always one student who never has his teeth at rest. He has a gum, chocolate or bits of snacks in his pocket; to eat in the class. They are not actually caught putting anything in their mouth but still they are caught chewing. I guess they cud! LOL!


13.The Artist

This genus of students can be either of anyone above but along with that they have an inbuilt quality of portraying their abstract art in ‘notebook’ rather than writing ‘notes’.



14. The sleepy ones

Classes at 9am or 3pm; these kinds of students are found with their eyes sagging or in deep sleep when the class is still on. Either they had too much beer and video games at night or they are nocturnal learners! Reasons can be plenty though. :)

Some try hard to control:



Some…. you know what I mean:




15. Tech Savvies  

This is the commonest prajati in today’s classroom. I would rather say if you don’t find these in the class there is a chance that you ended up in a wrong generation via time machine. You can witness secret mobile users, video takers, photo editors etc. – all are the sub-types of this species.



If you are no more a student; let us know if you ever were one of these. If you are one still; let us know which one of these are you?

And if you are the one who teaches, then let us know the types of students YOU encounter! ;)

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