13 types of Biryani dishes you must devour before the world shuts down!

With more than 50 variations, Biryani is one dish which not only speaks to our taste buds on a platter with flavors gathered from different parts of India and the world outside, but also reminds us of the unique shades it comes with, that are gathered from different regions and cultures.

In India, every city has its own version of Biryani. We bring to you the best 13 Biryani dishes to eat from around the world.

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is as blend of Mughlai and Telugu cuisine.

What does it have? Basmati rice, mutton (could be replaced by chicken according to preference), yogurt, onions, spices, lemon, saffron. This delicious darling is served with dahi-chutney and salad.


2. Lucknowi Biryani

Delicious and mildly spicy Lucknowi Biryani is also known as Awadhi dum Biryani. Chitrita Banerji, a famous Bengali writer, chose Lucknowi Biryani over Hyderabadi Biryani in her book, Eating India: exploring a nation’s cuisine!


3. Ambur Biryani

Ambur Biryani tastes different from all other Biryani dishes. It is made with Seeraga Samba rice, a traditional Tamil Nadu variety. Strangely, this city of Ambur has more Biryani outlets  than any city in the world!


4. Kolkata Biryani

Lighter on spices, Kolkata Biryani is yellow in color and includes potatoes with meet. The Biryani is aromatic with flavours of  nutmeg,cinnamon, mace, cloves and cardamom.

kokata biryaniSource

5. Sindhi Biryani

Sindh Biryani originated from Pakistan. It is the only Biryani to have a really good amount of yogurt in it.


6. Kachchi Biryani

Prepared with raw meat and meat, Kachchi Biryani is quite popular in Bangladesh.


7. Bombay Biryani

Bombay Biryani is known for its slightly sweeter taste, kewra and a lot of grease and onions. Bombay Biryani tastes extraordinary with a bowl of raita (curd).


8. Srilankan Biryani

Srilankan Biryani is the spiciest as compared to all the Indian Biryanis and is also called Buhari Biryani. Interestingly, when  the pioneers of the recipe went to Columbo, forever they took the recipe of Srilankan Biryani with them! It is served with Acchar, mango chutney, malay pickle, cashew curry and Ground Mint Sambol.


9. Tahiri

Tahiri is the vegetarian version of Lucknowi Biryani  with potatoes. If you get to go to Kashmir, do eat Tahiri. It is their popular street food! :D


10. Middle East Biryani

Cooked saffron colored rice with either lamb or chicken! Middle Eastern Biryani is terrific as it served with spicy tomato sauce called maraq and sometimes with generous amount of vermicelli, fried onions, mixed nuts and raisins topped over it.


11. Nasi Kebuli

Spicy steamed rice cooked in goat broth, milk and ghee. Nasi kebuli comes from Indonesia.


12. Malabar Biryani

Malabar Biryani is little spicy, and comes with chunks of deep fried meat.


13. Afghani Biryani

Strong dose of saffron and comes with dry fruits mixed in rice.


Nothing in the world is as beautiful as the sight of a freshly prepared Biryani. Agree? :)