Twitter to add a Revue newsletter ‘subscribe’ button to profiles for simple sign-ups

The arena of Newsletters has been growing day by day with big companies joining it. Twitter, in January, acquired the newsletter service, Revue, and now it seems that Twitter is all set to add a ‘subscription’ button on user profiles to sign up for them.

Soon, Revue newsletter signup buttons will appear on profiles. The “subscribe” button will appear on the profile pages of those individuals who choose to turn on this feature and will be available to anyone with a Revue account (sorry, Substackers). Upon visiting the profile of a user who runs a Revue newsletter, a dialog box will appear prompting you to subscribe for it. After you verify your subscription, Revue will start sending the newsletter to the e-mail address that is linked with your Twitter account.

The feature will roll out in the coming weeks. The main agenda of the company is to help newsletter writers better leverage their existing Twitter followers in an effort to grow their subscriber bases.

“We want to give writers tools to turn their growing, engaged Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers,” Revue wrote. “This will be available for Revue newsletters soon, so stay tuned.” The feature will first be coming on the web and Android, followed by iOS.

This could actually be a beneficial move for those users who have been thinking of starting a newsletter, especially those individuals who already have a massive following as Twitter is their only means for them to communicate with the public. Given that the subscription button shows up on their profile, it could lead a huge crowd to actually subscribe to the newsletter.

Writers can use Revue to generate free or paid subscription newsletters. Twitter will take 5% of the revenue generated by this. According to a mockup, Twitter users will be able to both subscribe to newsletters and read a “sample issue” directly on a writer’s Twitter profile page.

With companies like Facebook trying to enter this market, Twitter’s first step will no doubt give it an upper hand to capture the market. Today’s announcement shows that the company is making a genuine effort to help its users build on that reality.