Twitter now shows a newsletter subscription option on profile pages

Twitter has been coming up with new features lately and the company is now testing a feature that offers an ability to subscribe to a newsletter directly from the Twitter profile of a user without having to open a new link.

This new feature will make it more enticing for the users of Revue, a newsletter platform that was recently acquired by Twitter. While the feature can be enabled by all the Revue newsletter writers but the button is showing up for a select few users in a Test group on the Android and web platform.

The new button and newsletter card appear underneath the Twitter bio almost like a pinned tweet, populated with the title of the Revue newsletter, a photo, a short description, and the actual subscribe button.

When someone taps on the button, it shows a dialog box reminding users what there are getting into and also lets them read a sample issue of the newsletter and then subscribe. With this new feature, the company is allowing users to convert a following into subscribers with just a few taps.

Twitter is in the process of transitioning its platform to much more than just sharing tweets and newsletter subscription is just the latest offering in the expanding suite of features set to roll out in the coming months.