Twitter for iOS now lets users share their tweets on Instagram Stories

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that lets iOS users share tweets directly to their Instagram Story. The feature works using the iOS share sheet: just tap the share icon underneath any tweet, and select “Instagram Stories” from the list of apps. Once on Instagram, the tweet can be resized, repositioned, and is posted as stickers.

Previously, users had to manually take a screenshot of their tweet and upload it on Instagram Stories. But this new feature makes this process a lot easier, relieving users of this tedious process. However, this shares your tweets as static images, so if you tweet a video, it won’t be able to play on the Instagram stories.

“Skip the screenshots –– sharing Tweets to Instagram Stories right from the share menu is now rolling out to everyone on iOS! Tap the share icon on a Tweet and select “Instagram Stories”. Once your Instagram app opens, you can resize/reposition the Tweet sticker before posting,” Twitter tweeted from its official support account.

The microblogging platform had begun testing the feature with a small percentage of iOS users in December last year alongside another feature that lets users share tweets directly to their Snapchat stories.

Like the Snapchat integration, Twitter is just making the new sharing feature accessible to iOS clients for the time being, and it hasn’t referenced when it very well may be free on Android.