Twitter adds support to directly share tweets on Snapchat

Twitter is now finally allowing users to share their tweets on other social media platforms. The company has introduced a new sharing tool using which users can share tweets on Instagram and Snapchat.

This new feature is currently being rolled out. Once available, the share menu for the tweet will include an option to send a tweet directly to the Snap Camera. The company has also said that it will be testing a similar feature for Instagram Stories in the coming days.

Twitter Snapchat Sharing

It has been revealed that the shared tweet won’t look like a static screenshot and on Snapchat, it will also link back to the original. The company could also add similar liking functionality to the Instagram version.

The feature could help bring in more traffic or users to Twitter. As seen often, most of the viral and funny tweets are widely shared on Instagram, usually through meme pages. Since there’s no built-in support for sharing tweets, admins of such pages share a screenshot of the tweet and in most of the cases, the visual cues about it being a tweet are cropped out. But with the new feature, Twitter will be able to define how its content appears on other platforms.

This also marks the first consumer-facing partnership between Snap and Twitter. As for the business-related partnership, since last month, Snapchat Audience Network ad inventory is available to app publishers and developers using Twitter’s Mopub platform.