Twitter starts rolling out its new Communities feature

Since Twitter was launched, the platform focused on individual users and there hasn’t been anything dedicated for communities or groups. But that is now changing. The social media company has now started testing Communities on the platform which it describes as a “more intimate space for conversations.”

Twitter Communities

Initially, the Communities will focus on popular topics, including skincare, astrology, sneakers, and dogs. Over time, the company expects it to grow with more niche groups. Currently, moderators and members are able to invite anyone to join.

In the coming months, the company plans to open up the feature for more users to create Communities. It is getting its own tab in the center of Twitter’s app, right between explore and notifications.

Twitter had first teased Communities a few months ago in February. The concept is similar to a public Facebook group or a subreddit on Reddit. Communities are dedicated to specific topics, and members can post tweets to a dedicated group timeline.

Each community has its own set of moderators for setting up and enforcing rules for the group, and for users to participate, they must be invited by an existing member or moderator.

The move will offer users a way to filter all the noise on the platform and be a part of the group or community that they are interested in. The feature seems like an expansion of the Topics feature that was introduced by Twitter a couple of years ago.