Tum Hi ~Whore~: Aashiqui 2 Song parody, the story of every ch*tiya aashiq

Popular YouTube channel, Shudh Desi Gaane is back with popular artist, singer and the man behind all their hilarious parodies and spoofsSalil Jamdar with their latest parody, ‘The Aashiqui Chu Song’.

Ashiqui chu - hum tera chu....pa

The parody is dedicated to all those madly in love aashiq’s (ch**tiya aashiqs to be precise) who have spoiled the image of all men in the society.

Ashiqui chu

There is one thing common among all ch*tiya aashiqs, their entire life revolves around this one person who they think loves them too. 

Ashiqui chu - aarohi

But what they don’t know is that some girls are born players!

Ashiqui chu - bro

And though, they like you, they love someone else too.

Ashiqui chu - rahul

For all they always want is to score more! 

Ashiqui chu - do it

Watch this hilarious parody starring Salil as the Ch*tiya aashiq here.