Guy shits his pants on his first date; decides to tell his funny story through this cute cartoon

What’s been your worst situation when you are on a date? You dropped your drink? Your mother called to give you a good bashing? Your ex bumped into you? All that is not even close to what happened with this guy who went on his first date with his long time crush.

first date

While the two were chilling on a beach, the guy started showing his ultimate yoga moves. The two were having a good time. However, in no time he started to feel tension in his stomach. It was the nature’s call! He excused himself to go to the washroom as he reached for enough, he decided to shart.

first date shart moment

And there comes his worst moment on a date ever! A whole piece of log like shit was now in his white swimming suit.

first date shat

What he did next was smart, sensible and sort of adorable.

Watch this hilarious video shared by PizzaPartyUSA. of the guy who is smart enough to use animation and not himself to tell his glorious  first date’s story.