TripAdvisor deletes a review because of the words- “misogynistic”, “feminism” and “International Women’s Day”

The Guardian reported an incident that happened at an independent pub, The Bell at Westoning, Bedfordshire. When a lady along with her husband went to enjoy both the weekend and the International Women’s Day together at at a pub, she witnessed a very rare and disgraceful sight.

The couple ordered the food, which was delicious as ever, and chatted a bit with the owner, Roberto, who took pride in telling his restaurant’s TripAdvisor reviews are so great that everyone end’s up at the pub, having a ball. A few moments later when the couple was waiting for the bill to arrive, the wife saw a very comfortable sight- the owner flirtatiously biting the waitress on her shoulder. The waitress did not seem to like the gesture. And the second moment she saw him spanking her with a table cloth. Disgusted, the lady told her husband and made a quick exit from the restaurant.

When the lady took to Facebook to vent out her anger about the incident she saw at the pub, many people commented and reacted to the story so she decided to write her first review ever on TripAdvisor. She received many comments supporting her review the first day. The next day, the ‘Manageress’ had left a long note stating the lady’s opinion about the situation was “boring” and came from an “irrelevant feminist”. She also wrote back telling the lady to avoid thinking badly about the owner because he is “loved by all”. The Manageress did not deny that the 2 reported incidents did not take place at the pub!

Apparently, TA took down the lady’s original review as it was around ‘political language’. When the lady reposted the same review without the words- “misogynistic”, “feminism” and “International Women’s Day”, TripAdvisor accepted it without any objections.

So, it looks like people still get really defensive when words like, feminism, etc arrive in a conversation. What about TripAdvisor deleting reviews around sensitive issues?

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