Newspaper vendor joins IIM, gets the dream job and the rest is history!

A magical story of Shiva, the boy who used to sell newspapers!

N Shiva Kumar, is the son of a truck driver in Bengaluru. He first used to sell TOI newspapers while he was in school and later became a newspaper vendor while he was in class X. His well-wisher, Krishna Vedavyasa, helped him by paying his school fees so Shiva could study and later, get higher education.


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“Shiva Kumar is different. He has the grit and determination to go on. This is a milestone for him and his family, and just the first step in his career. My input in Shiva’s life is very marginal. If not me, it would have been somebody else. When he came to me for the first time asking help to pay fees, I knew I would not have said a ‘no’.

After struggling for years, Shiva entered IIM, Calcutta two years ago and now holds a job offer letter from an international company. Shiva has been offered a position of the deputy country manager of a German e-commerce company named, Rocket Internet.

“I could not have asked for more. The company is relatively new. The entrepreneur in me would love to work in a company like that. The e-commerce space is like hot cake now. And, the role I have received provides great scope for learning and growth. There is a lot of responsibility involved.” said Shiva to TOI.

Shiva cleared CAT 2012 and bagged a seat in a well known B-school. His tuition fees as part of IIM-C’s policy to support students who require financial assistance was waved off.

Shiva was popular in the college for his achievements and his background.

“People knew me when I joined IIM-C. They were friendly and had respect for my background. I have also grown as a person during my stay in IIM-C. I have got a macro and micro view of the world.”

He will be posted somewhere in the Indian Subcontinent but the location has not been finalized. We wish nothign but a great success in his future endeavors.