Falling in love is not easy! It takes 10 things to fall in place so someone can fall in love with you

We blame our hearts for falling in love so easily. But the fact is that it is not an easy thing to fall in love. According to an interesting article on businessinsider, falling in love requires numerous things to happen consequently.

1. Similarity! Don’t we always look for someone who shares similar interests with us? What are the chances of you falling for someone who has got nothing in common with you? The answer is : no chance!

2. Reciprocal liking! If someone responds positively to the way we treat them, we know that that someone likes us too. As humans, we look at people to like us back, we love to feel wanted.

3. Desirable characteristics! We should be able to like something about them before falling in love. Eyes, voice, the way one treats others, etc. such things determine whether we will like someone or not.

4. Social acceptability! The way our culture has conditioned us and what is likened by according to our society is also taken into consideration by our minds.

5. Need fulfillment! The reason why we fall in love is also based on our need to fulfill our needs.


6. Arousal situation! Sometimes meeting that someone special or even their slightest touch like a shoulder brush could send those vibes that could boost adrenaline in you.

7. An air of mystery! Don’t know much about her?, have not seen him since a month but you know he works in the same building with you?; such situations leave curiosity to know that someone who made your heart skip a beat in a fraction of seconds.

8. X- factor! Have to have something sexy in them to turn you on. Nice legs, intelligence or witty sense of humor.

9. Relationship readiness! If you are emotionally ready to fall in love with someone, the chances are you will once you find someone who makes everything great.

10. Alone time! If you start to spend time alone with someone you like already, the chances are that you will fall in love with them eventually.

If anything did not work, you must choose science. Here are 5 scientific ways to make someone fall in love with you for real. :)

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