This French man climbed 210-metre-high tower without a harness for the Nepal earthquake victims

Popular French rock climber and urban climber, Alain Robert who is also known as the ‘French Spider man’ scaled Paris’ tallest building as a tribute to more than 3000 victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Alain climbed the building with a Nepalese flag tied to his waist while the onlookers watched him do the daring, life threatening act. 53-year-old Alain climbed 689 feet tower (210-metre-high), Tour de Montparnasse without a safety harness in less than an hour and put up the Nepalese flag en route. Of course, the police met Alain as he reached the top of the building. His act of solidarity with the victims who died in the earth quake and avalanche and the ones who are still struggling to survive will never be forgotten