There is a man who stands at a traffic signal with a placard every day; the message it contains is beautiful!

There is no religion bigger than the religion of love and kindness. Telling just that is a man who has been seen standing everyday at Juhu Circle in Mumbai holding a placard that bears the message, ‘Apne dharm par chalo, sabse prem karo (Follow your religion, love everybody)’.


Krishnadas is a resident of a quiet stretch in Varsova beach. People identify him for the simple message he has for the society. He leaves early in the morning and returns when its dark. Krishnadas lives in a hut with bare minimum supplies and no electricity. He traveled around as a sage and came to Mumbai 12 years ago.

He wants to spread across the message of love.

krishnadas awakening

krishnadas reaching the masses

People have started to notice him. Daily commuters tell they see him everyday with his sign boards at the traffic signal.

people talk about kirshandas

the message

Krishnadas has 40 inspiring and thought provoking boards that he takes with him to Juhu Beach and places them on the sand. After this, he takes his bicycle to the crowded junction of Juhu circle.

krishnadas message

His inspiring act of standing at the junction with his board to catch the attention of the daily commuters is beyond words. And this is not it, Krishnadas also distributes biscuits among kids at the signal.

krishnadas distributing biscuits

He refuses to take money from anyone. His guru gives him monetary help and a Malvadi caterer serves him lunch daily.

“The people who think I can’t achieve anything, they may be right in their own place. But, I have seen society change. Even if only in some respects. Mankind hasn’t deteriorated all at once. It’s been happening gradually over thousands of years. So we can’t improve at all at once either, we are bound to take our time. “

Watch this short documentation on a day in the life of Krishnadas shared by harshvir oberai.

The film was screened at the 13th Mumbai Film Festival, 2011 in the ‘Dimensions Mumbai’ category where it received special mention by the jury.